Our capabilities include on-site field services, repairs and maintenance, solutions engineering and more.
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Custom Fabrication, Measurement & Fabrication

We can assist you to measure your samples, parts, valves and to source for possible replacements or best alternative proposals. When you encounter long lead-time, not to worry, allow us to assist you to reduce your production downtime. We can customise any design and material as requested.

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Ask Our Experts
We are always ready for consultation on your unique challenge. Give us your sealing challenge, and work with our experts devise a solution for you.

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We work with reliable companies with laboratories having an extensive range of accreditation including Singapore Accreditation Council - SAC SINGLAS to provide professional quality calibration for your instruments, electronic testing equipment, pressure gauge and valves.

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Repair and Refurbishment

High quality repairs and refurbishments are available for mechanical parts and valves, to make them as good as new. Valve Repair & Servicing come with Pressure Testing, Surface Polish, Lapping and Surface Finish Measurement.


Testing Method SEM EDX, Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, to find out the type of contaminants on samples.

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